LOCATION Doha, Qatar
TYPE Governmental
VALUE QR 3,100,000,000
CLIENT NDIA Steering Committee
Engineer Overseas Bechtel Incorporated
Status Completed

Brief description:

The NDIA (New Doha International Airport) Project is a Joint Venture of CDC and Takenaka.

The components included in the works are as follows:
  • Emiri / V.V.I.P. Terminal Building
  • Passenger Terminal Parking Facilities
  • Mosque and related facilities

The Emiri Terminal – Architecturally elaborated building of reinforced concrete and steel structure of approximately 8,000m² in two levels. It is divided into three main parts:

1. Emiri Terminal to accommodate ceremonial reception and departure of guest of state, private terminal for Emir, His family and selected ministers.

2. Ministers Lounge to serve as a terminal lounge for ministers.

3. V.V.I.P Lounge to accommodate V.V.I.Ps, both those travelling via private aircraft and those travelling by commercial airline flights.

Passenger Terminal Parking Facilities – These facilities include three-level structures to accommodate 50.000 square meters of public vehicle parking, a commercial parking structure with shaded parking on the ground level and two at Grade Parking Lots with a state of the art parking management system.

Mosque - is a three-level circular concrete structure with glass exterior at the upper two levels. The structure is approximately 47 meters in diameter and 13 meters in height above the plaza level. The ground level accommodates storage areas, elevator & mechanical room. The plaza level of the mosque accommodates assembly, circulation, office and storage areas, including the men’s prayer hall. The upper mezzanine level accommodates assembly and circular areas, including the women’s prayer hall. The mosque also accommodates an Imam’s residence and Muesins residence.

Mosque Plaza and Minaret - paved plaza above the commercial parking structure complete with landscape lighting, planters, pools, walkways and bridges connecting to the Vertical Circulation Node which provides access to the Passenger Terminal Building and Minaret.