LOCATION West Bay Doha, Qatar
TYPE Governmental
VALUE QR 58.500.000
CLIENT Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture
Engineer Dar Al Handasah
Status Completed

Brief description:

The work comprises the construction, completion and maintenance of the Package H1/H2, Landscaping works to the West Bay Lagoon as described below:

  • Installation of coloured pre-cast concrete interlocking block paving and associated edging kerbs (stamped concrete, crazy cut stone) to crescent garden pathways, cul-de-sac and island sidewalks and inner sidewalk of outer distribution roads.
  • Gazebo, shades structures, sports facilities (multipurpose courts) surfacing, chain link fencing, children’s play equipment, sand safety surfacing, bench seating and litters bins to crescent gardens.
  • Bench sand to communal beaches and dune formation serving crescent gardens.
  • Lighting to crescent gardens and decorative / non-residential islands.
  • Soft landscaping including planting of trees, palms, shrubs and ground cover crescent garden areas, alongside cul-de-sac, Coastal road, island roads and outer distributor road and to decorative / non-residential islands.
  • Automatic irrigation system including all materials and controllers and connections to existing mains.
  • Ancillary works to soft landscaping areas including agricultural soil, gravel mulch beds, gravel drainage layers, weed barriers, soil separator sheeting and the like.
  • Establishment of nursery on site.